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The Blessing in “the Curse”

Novelist Simon Rumney draws from his life as a closet dyslexic playing “the fool who didn’t speak the truth”

Throughout history writers have created “The fool” to tell us the things we don’t want to hear about ourselves. Be it ancient Greeks, Shakespeare or even Hollywood, “The fool” is there to help us face our own ugly truth.

How ironic it is then, that “The fool” British author Simon Rumney created as a means of surviving his calamitous school years led to him living a life of lies!

Had Simon been born into his working-class English family 50 years earlier he would probably have avoided school and become a junior apprentice to his father, an accomplished cabinetmaker. Conversely, had he been born today he would be learning in an enlightened school system while using computers with some kind of commonly available spellcheck program.

Unfortunately for Simon, being born in the heart of England's countryside in 1955 meant compulsorily attending a tiny village school whose teachers believed education was still something that could be beaten into their pupils. Dyslexia and ADHD were things of the distant future and any interruption to ask for clarity was considered deliberately disruptive.

“Lazy and stupid” was how Simon’s teachers explained his inability to read and write.

When those same teachers informed Simon’s parents of his “unwillingness” to learn, his poorly educated mother and father punished him for his apparent rebelliousness. So Simon quickly learned to use his wits to develop an alter ego who used humor to deflect painful humiliation and escape reality.

Having endured the trauma of school until the age of 15, Simon left, with no qualifications.

Believing absolutely that he was too “Lazy and stupid” to read and write properly, Simon sought any kind of work that did not require others to witness his “shameful secret.” After years of drifting from one manual laboring job to another Simon stumbled into the role of salesman and found himself in a world where “The fool” he created to survive school really came into its own.

Unfortunately for Simon, success proved even more stressful than failure.

Moving rapidly through the sales ranks, Simon was promoted to higher and higher management roles until eventually being headhunted into the role of Managing Director.

It was like living the life of a fugitive on the run!

Every day, Simon feared being exposed as the fraud who was too, “Lazy and stupid” to hold down such high-powered jobs. Feeling “like a con artist who used sleight of hand” to deflect attention away from what he still believed to be his “ignorance,” Simon earned higher and higher sums of money which merely fueled the fire of dysfunctionality.

Seeking validation in a superficial lifestyle; “sexy” cars, “fast” women and copious quantities of alcohol simply inspired crazier and crazier behavior

It was only a matter of time before the lifestyle Simon used to subdue his insecurities caught up with him.

After hitting “emotional rock bottom,” Simon had no choice but to seek the help he needed. When his psychiatrist told him he suffered from dyslexia, Simon argued against his diagnosis claiming he was just “Lazy and Stupid.” After the "very patient" shrink managed to explain how someone who was truly “Lazy and stupid” could not have achieved so much, Simon had no choice but to find a way to counter his denial and rethink the way he saw himself.

A total mental breakdown was the best thing that ever happened to Simon!

After confronting the truth, Simon was instinctively drawn to the keyboards of one of the still boxed PC’S, given to him by his employers. Having been too afraid to write, even a holiday postcard, he found the courage to face his demons and let his fingers tell a story.

It turns out, Simon is what’s known as a natural writer.

Simon is one of those writers who simply doesn’t know what the story is going to be until he releases it from deep within his mind. In an ironic twist, writing was, and is, his only true way of expressing himself. And after a lifetime of blocking this extremely necessary need to write, freeing these stories quite literally saved Simon’s life.

His first book, “Another Self,” is a story about a young woman who lives in ancient Rome and has to overcome crippling self-doubt to become the richest woman in the Roman Republic. Of course, the security which is supposed to come with wealth and power proves elusive.

Simon’s second book, “Another Tribe,” is about a young Native American woman who has to survive and make sense of, what she sees as, the seemingly irrelevant differences between races while enduring persecution in the southern states during the American Civil War.

The third book in Simon’s series, “Another War,” is about a young woman who is forced to come to terms with her guileless involvement in causing World War I.

The characters in these stories appear completely real because they are drawn directly from Simon’s own emotional turmoil.

The series of three books is entitled “Our Eternal Curse” and the truth about Simon’s journey of “glorious suffering” is written large on every page.

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